Education.... Not Just Training

In the micro lab, there is a difference between learning how to push a button or turn a dial and developing the hand-eye-brain coordination which is so critical to good microscopy. That's the difference between routine “training” and the MME approach to microscopy courses.

Microscopy/Microscopy Education (MME) is dedicated to helping your staff build both a strong skill base as well as a clear understanding of how their microscopes work, how to interpret the images they produce, and how to troubleshoot those images.

MME is America's first national consortium of microscopy experts specializing in customized, on-site microscopy courses in microscopy, sample preparation, spectroscopy and image analysis.

How are we unique? We build each course specifically for you,  integrating YOUR level of experience, YOUR instrumentation, and YOUR application.

The result: Immediate carryover into your daily work. For your management: immediate return on their investments, both in expensive equipment and in staffing.

<B><H6>Customized, On-Site Courses</H6></B>

Customized, On-Site Courses

<h6>Fluor-Ref Fluorescence Reference Slides</h6>

Fluor-Ref Fluorescence Reference Slides

</h6>Latest User Study: Optimizing Microscope Images</h6>

Latest User Study: Optimizing Microscope Images
  • I learned more in this one day program than I did in a week from other pre-packaged courses!
  • I found the course very comprehensive and each topic was covered in just the right amount of detail.  I learned a lot about things I never knew a microscope could do
  • You covered an amazing amount of material very well. I thought your coverage of the theoretical aspects was very well done and that it made the practical discussions/exercises much easier to understand.
  • Considering the short time frame, a lot of very useful information was presented in a clear and understandable fashion.  The hands-on labs were highly beneficial in cementing the ideas presented. The instructors are very knowledgeable and know how to present the material --- a rare find!  Instructors are also very approachable.
  • Terrific effort put into accommodating variable knowledge and experience levels of students.  I was very impressed with the context of the class.   I really did not expect to get so much information specific to my application.
  • The enthusiasm of the instructors was contagious!  I cannot wait to get back to work to try to apply what I have learned.  The instructors did a very good job of covering a tremendous amount of information in only three days --- and keeping it interesting
  • Doing light microscopy without [this] course is like doing the laundry without a washing machine.  This is a great course for anyone using a microscope...beginners or advanced.  I learned a lot despite several years of experience with the microscope and I discovered that I still have more to learn
  • The labs were beautifully done. I learned a lot about my particular microscope’s capabilities and, in general, about microscopes and their accessories.