There are penguins scattered all over the MME site. What’s the deal?

Y ears ago, a dear friend and colleague said, “You are just too serious! MME needs to get a mascot!”  We searched for over two years … and found that penguins have a lot in common with microscopists and with how our team teaches:

Penguins_Big Group-SMPenguins and microscopists are both very social.
Both Penguins and the MME staff know that day-to-day life can be challenging and even hazardous, so we understand how important it is to be well prepared and to share that knowledge with other members of the community.


Both Penpenguin5guins and microscopists are curious and are great explorers.
Many microscopists started their craft as kids, just because they were curious about the world around them, and became enchanted with the world that was opened to them by a microscope.


Penguin_Rock (Notify lisamarris).jpegPenguins are fun…

and we believe that microscopy should be, too!






So that’s how Penguins came to live at MicroscopyEducation.com!