Ex panding? Contracting? Exploring new techniques. Customized, on-site courses from MME can help.

Our hands-on courses are especially effective. Compared to sending one or two people to a packaged program, these courses allow you to bring larger groups up to speed, at home, in your own facility. Because each of our curricula are customized to YOUR staff's level of experience, YOUR equipment, and YOUR applications, they will immediately carry what they learned into their everyday work.

Courses typically run 2-5 days and, depending on instrumentation, can accommodate three to 12 students. We can also run back to back courses, training up to 25 people in 2 weeks.

Our staff arrives a day before the class begins, to assure that they are totally familiar with your equipment (every microscope has its own idiosyncracies) and to review your company's applications. Where possible, we'll include those applications in our program.

Companies who host MME courses benefit on multiple levels:

  1. Your staff stay on site so they are still available during coffee breaks, lunch, or after class hours.
  2. The company saves on travel budget and maximize their investment in costly microscopy instrumentation.
  3. Also, because we inevitably solve problems while we are on-site, the host company often realizes immediate return on investment many times over.