Standardize Fluorescence Intensity & Test Eveness of Illumination

H ow evenly is your fluorescence illuminator filling your field of view? Is it centered? Are you monitoring the laser output and PMT settings for your Confocal?

Fluor-Ref(TM) Fluorescence Reference Slides provide a quick, easy-to-use solution. Invented by Dr. P. C. Cheng (SUNY/Buffalo) and available uniquely through MME, these slides are made of durable plastic and provide a continuous fluorescent field. No hunting for microspheres. No cellular photobleaching.

flour_refThe full Fluor-Ref set comes with four slides with spectra approximating the most commonly used fluorophores:
Blue excitation (DAPI / Indo / Fura)
Green excitation (FITC / GFP)
Yellow excitation (Acridine Orange)
Red excitation (Rhodamine / Texas Red)

To keep the slides clean, dust-free, and easy-to-find, the set comes packaged in its own storage box or slide carrier.

Our FAQ page has details on how to use Fluor-Ref slides as well as answers to Frequently Asked Questions on cleaning, etc..  For Fluor-Ref spectra, click here.


  • Set of four with storage box: $ 55.00 +shipping/handling.
  • Classroom set of 24 (6 of each color+storage box): $295.00+shipping/handling.List item 2
  • Individual slides + cardboard carrier: $18 + +shipping/handling.
  • Discounts available on orders of 10 sets or more.

Just call or email Ken Piel here at the MME office [(972)924-5211 or].
Ken can can also help you with information regarding various methods of shipping (including overseas), discounts on orders of 10 or more, or other questions. His normal office hours are from 9:000AM to 4:30 PM CDT.

Fluor-Ref slides are typically shipped within 48 hours.  MME accepts both MasterCard & Visa for Fluor-Ref orders only.
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