Space Shuttle_stockxpertcom_id41300_size0[1]Hi Barbara,
…It has been a busy time with our return to flight — but I have to tell you that our microscope was able to provide much evidence regarding our material anomalies to help the astronauts make the decision to come back home. It was a great feeling!…”

Sr. Materials Engineer
USA Specialty Engineering & Technical Services
Cape Canaveral, FL

*”Doing light microscopy without this ACS course is like doing the laundry without a washing machine. This is a great course for anyone using a microscope…beginners or advanced. I learned a lot despite several years of experience with the microscope and I discovered that I still have more to learn.”

*”I’ve learned this material many times before, but never presented in a way that made as much sense as Barbara [Foster] and Barry [Fookes] did. Diffraction demos were fantastic!”

*”The instructors on this course were experts at microscopy, yet were able to teach at a beginner’s level. The mix of slides, overheads, written work, and especially, hands-on labs were well done and very helpful. I appreciated their willingness to stay late in the evening if students requested extra time.”

*”The enthusiasm of the instructors was contagious! I cannot wait to get back to work to try to apply what I have learned to actual samples. The instructors did a very good job of covering a tremendous amount of information in only three days — and keeping it interesting.”

“For someone who didn’t know a lot to start with, it was wonderful. The labs were very informative.”

“Wonderful basic introduction/overview. Enough theory to answer ‘why?’ but not so much as to overwhelm.”

“The labs were beautifully done. I learned a lot about my particular microscope’s capabilities and, in general, about microscopes and their accessories.”

“Terrific effort put into accommodating variable knowledge and experience levels of students. I was very impressed with the context of the class. I really did not expect to get so much information specific to my application.”

“This is a great course for anyone using a microscope — beginners or advanced. I learned a lot despite several years of experience with the microscope and I discovered that I still have more to learn.”

*”Considering the short time frame, a lot of very useful information was presented in a clear,understandable fashion. The hands-on labs were highly beneficial in cementing the ideas presented. The instructors are very knowledgeable and know how to present the material — a rare find! Instructors are also very approachable. I hope I can get the company to send me again after I practice the basics.”

“For anyone without formal microscopy training, the Koehler illumination set up pays for the course. Polarized Light and optics lectures were very good.”

“Really good introduction to a wide variety of topics. Liked the discussions of how techniques worked, not just what you use them for. Barbara is a great teacher — can put the complicated in a non-complicated way.”

“I was finally able to integrate and organize the bits and pieces that I had accumulated over the years.”

“You covered an amazing amount of material very well. I thought your coverage of the theoretical aspects was very well done and that it made the practical discussions/exercises much easier to understand.”

“I found the course very comprehensive and each topic was covered in just the right amount of detail. I learned a lot about things I never knew a microscope could do.”


*= comments specific to the Am. Chem. Soc. course, “Applied Optical Microscopy,” written and taught by MME instructors for over 25 years